Let’s focus on creating resilient communities.

My constituency office receives hundreds of emails daily, on a variety of topics from personal issues with provincial services to proposed changes to provincial legislation and policies. After the NDP government’s announcement that the E&N corridor will not be considered for light rail transit, we received a significant number of emails about transportation on southern Vancouver Island.

Early in May, I asked the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure what her ministry is doing to prioritize public transportation on southern Vancouver Island. The second part of this question, I specifically asked about the E&N corridor.


Ultimately, the E&N corridor should be used for transportation, and the government should work with all partners to move forward on this. The rail corridor presents a terrific opportunity for us to build 21st-century transportation infrastructure, and I continue to encourage the government to take concrete steps in this direction. We need a transportation strategy for southern Vancouver Island—this is long overdue—and I will continue to raise this issue with government.

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